Improve your watchmaking knowledge with the Trivial Pursuit!

With weeks of confinement ahead of you, you will be locked up along with your favourite watches. But have you ever taken the time to really get to know them?As the watch enthusiast that you are, we all know very well that your being cultured on the world of watchmaking is not to be questioned. You already know the name of the founder of the mystical Swiss watch brand Rolex, the name of the inventor of the sundial, the brand of the first watch worn by American astronauts on the moon or the colour of palladium in its natural state ... Wait! What? You don't know?!Don't worry. Your favorite watch specialist, MisterChrono has a remedy for this. You will be able to take advantage of the confinement to spend more time face to face with your most beautiful watches. You will get to know them so much better.  Nothing is more effective for learning than through playing. MisterChrono offers you this special “Trivial Pursuit” edition on the subject of watchmaking. You will discover the knowledge and anecdotes that differentiate the simple pretender from the true aficionado of watchmaking. Become an undisputed master of the field and learn some of the codes that are uniquely inherent in this world you are already passionate about!With more than 330 cards of unpublished information on the watchmaking world, this board game will occupy your FaceTime meetings between fellow enthusiasts, or your evenings of family learning during the confinement. In addition to being a simple board game, it proves to be an excellent way to learn.As with all Trivial Pursuit games the questions and answers are divided into 6 themes. Learn about the history of watchmaking and discover the materials and techniques used. Learn about the decorations of the most beautiful brands that already do, and will in the future, make the history of watchmaking. You will become an expert and critic of these great names and their history making collections, as well as those that are as yet unknown to the general public. Test your watchmaking knowledge in a fun and entertaining way.