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Mondani - Tudor Anthology


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"Tudor Anthology" represents a real encyclopedia of Tudor watches.

"Tudor Anthology" represents a real encyclopedia of Tudor watches.


"Tudor Anthology" is a large sized book with 344 pages which analyses the whole Tudor production.

This edition represents a very useful guide to collect and invest in Tudor watches produced since 1936.


Many important topics such as the different marques of various models are shown and explained.


Within the variety of Tudors we can find:


Tudor Submariner
Tudor Minisub
Tudor Oyster Chronograph
Tudor Oysterdate
Tudor Prince Date Chronograph
Tudor Oyster Prince Date
Tudor Oyster Prince Date + Day
Tudor Advisor
Tudor Prince Oysterdate
Tudor British North Greenland Expedition
Tudor Prince Quartz Oysterdate
Tudor Chronautic
Tudor Sport Chronograph
Tudor Sport Aeronaut
Tudor Sport Iconaut
Tudor Hydronaut
Tudor Hydronaut II
Tudor Grantour
Tudor Grantour Fly-Back
Tudor Fastrider
Tudor Heritage
Tudor Heritage Black Bay
Tudor Heritage Advisor
Tudor Pelagos
Tudor Classic Date Day
Tudor Ranger


and much more.


Furthermore, the book provides the updated prices of all Tudor watches, both modern and vintage models.


"Tudor Anthology" represents a prestigious work, since it is also a limited edition of only 1000 copies, numbered and signed by the author. 



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